Over 23,000 physical copies generated in two days.

2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man & The Wasp was released on e-Pack two days ago, and here's a quick rundown of how well that set is performing:

  • 21,394 physical cards is listed in the market on e-Pack.

  • 20,289 digital cards is listed in the market on e-Pack. At most, those cards can be converted into 4,057 physical cards.

  • 1,953 physical cards is listed for sale on COMC.

This means that e-Pack has sold at least 8,336 packs of that series in its first two days of sales. A single pack costs $5.99. That estimate doesn't include the physical cards that's listed for sale on COMC, because some of which wasn't transferred from e-pack.

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