Is badass.milotic-01

A Milotic caught me off guard today in a Single Pokemon Omega Ruby match by knocking out my Primal Groudon with one Scald (Special Water-type move). What's wrong with that situation?

Primal Groudon's ability Desolate Land causes damage-dealing Water-type moves to fail, unless the opposing Pokemon has an ability that negates that ability.

Milotic can posses one of the following three abilities:

  • Marvel Scale: Boosts the Defense stat if the Pokémon has a status condition.

  • Competitive: Boosts the Special Attack stat when a stat is lowered.

  • Cute Charm: Contact with the Pokémon may cause infatuation.

None of those abilities can negate Primal Groudon's ability Desolate Land -- so how did that Milotic bypass that ability? My opponent used a hacked Milotic with the Cloud Nine ability!

Cloud Nine negates all Weather effects in battle. Although it was bulls*** seeing a hacked Pokemon on Nintendo's servers, there's no denying that a Milotic with the Cloud Nine ability would be badass!