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the grossery gang series 2 limited edition cruddy lost n found checklist

The Grossery Gang Series 2 features six limited edition serial numbered figures with a special Dusty Metallic Finish. Here's a chart detailing how the market valued those figures in sales up until March 28, 2017, on a popular auction website:

Limited Edition Figure
Serial Numbered To Number Sold Average Sale*
2-145 Rusty Car Keys 10,000 3 $224.17
2-146 Unwashed Jocks 5,000 1 $350.00
2-147 Scum Glasses 1,000 0 -
2-148 Worthless Wallet 500 0 -
2-149 Filthy False Teeth 250 0 -
2-150 Dirty Money 100 0 -

Here's a few interesting notes:

  • The 2-145 Rusty Car Keys figure that's serial numbered 00150 was sold four times by the same seller. They appeared to have canceled the first three transactions.

  • The 2-145 Rusty Car Keys figure that appears to be serial numbered 00126, sold for a whopping $3,053 on February 22, 2017. The buyer with 0 feedback, refused to pay for that figure.

  • A potentially fake 2-149 Filthy False Teeth without its authentication card sold for $200 from a seller in China.

  • The Grossery Gang Season 1 limited edition sales report can be found here.

*In USD. Excludes top secret best offers.

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