Not all members affected.

Rhapsody informed its members today that a fire at one of their partner facilities are causing playback issues for some of their members.

"Some of you may be experiencing an interruption in playback within the service due to a fire at one of our partner facilities. We are working hard to resolve issues for affected customers and apologize for the inconvenience," Rhapsody informed via email.

It's not clear if that fire burned their servers, or just caused a power outage.

Update (November 25, 2013): The issue has been resolved. Here's an archive of Rhapsody's messages regarding this issue:

  1. "We're making progress and believe this affects less than 5% of our catalog. While we don't have an estimate yet when everything will be back to normal, we're working full throttle. Thanks for your continued patience,"[1] Rhapsody announced at 5 PM PT on November 23, 2013.

  2. "The issue has been resolved and playback is back to normal. There may be brief playback issues with a very small number of tracks while we finish clean up today, but the vast majority of customers will see no problems. Thank you for your patience while our team tackled this issue,"[1] Rhapsody concluded at 8 AM PT on November 24, 2013.


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