By as much as over 30 FPS.slow-001-snail

Some uses have reported the version 1.02 patch for the Microsoft Windows PC version of Just Cause 3 has significantly worsened their performance. Here's what a few of those users claimed:

  • Game is now unplayable.

  • Game crashes when they exit the game.

  • Game used to run flawlessly, but now freezes often.

  • Game uses 100 percent CPU usage, and freezes PC when logging onto the games servers.

  • Performance went from 45-60 FPS to 30-60 FPS.

  • Performance went from 60 FPS to 40-55 FPS.

  • Performance went from 60 FPS to unplayable on lowest possible settings.

  • Performance went from 60+ FPS to less than 30 FPS.

Question: Did you experience a performance increase or decrease after installing that patch?

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