I'm 2-0 with Ultra Prism.

My luck with the 2018 Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon Ultra Prism series continues. I pulled a Rare Reverse Holo card from my first pack, and now I pulled an Ultra Rare card from my second pack!


Series: 2018 Pokemon Trading Card Game Sun & Moon Ultra Prism.

Card: Ultra Rare 90 Dusk Mane Necrozma GX.


  • Centering: Excellent (5).

  • Corners: Near Mint-Mint (8).

  • Edges: Near Mint-Mint (8).

  • Surface: Near Mint-Mint (8).

  • Overall: Near Mint (7).


2018 pokemon tcg sun moon ultra prism ultra rare 90 dusk mane necrozma


  • The horizontal centering for that card is a nasty 30/75.

  • Once loaded, that Pokemon can one-hit KO up to two Pokemon!

  • The market value for 90 Dusk Mane Necrozma GX is $8.72; as a comparison, the market value for 63 Dawn Wings Necrozma GX is $3.21.*

*Based on the last 10 sales on a popular auction website as of this writing.

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