The first blister of its kind that I've seen with a Shining Legends pack.

I purchased one Pokemon Trading Card Game 3 Boosters and 1 Foil Promo Card blister (links to the Amazon product page) for $10.81. This product is officially licensed by The Pokemon Company, so I don't need to worry much about its packs being weighed.

pokemon tcg 3 boosters 1 foil promo blister shining legends

Promo Card

  • 2016 XY Generations Uncommon RC15 Meowstic.

2016 pokemon tcg xy generations uncommon rc15 meowstic

What part of an Uncommon Generations card that came from a booster pack is considered a "promo."

2016 XY Evolutions Pack 1

  • Uncommon Reverse Holo 71 Porygon.

2016 pokemon tcg xy evolutions uncommon reverse holo 71 porygon

One of the most useless cards in its set.

  • Rare Holo 53 Mew.

2016 pokemon tcg xy evolutions rare holo 53 mew

That Mew is worth more than most of the BREAK and Ultra Rare cards in its set.

2016 XY Evolutions Pack 2

  • Rare Reverse Holo 11 Charizard.

2016 pokemon tcg xy evolutions rare reverse holo 11 charizard

Nice! That's the most valuable Reverse Holo card in its set! It's been selling for about $15.

  • Rare 18 Arcanine.

2016 pokemon tcg xy evolutions rare 18 arcanine

2017 Sun & Moon Shining Legends Pack

  • Uncommon Reverse Holo 17 Incineroar.

2017 pokemon tcg shining legends uncommon reverse holo 17 incineroar

That should have been a Rare card.

  • Shining Holo 42 Shining Jirachi.

2017 pokemon tcg shining legends shining holo 42 shining jirachi

I don't own that card so this was a nice surprise! Aside from my lame booster pack promo... this was a loaded blister!

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