Featuring a card from Upper Deck's 20th Anniversary.

I acquired this 6-card retail pack of 2009 Upper Deck X Baseball from a repack product, which pretty much charged me $1.50 per pack.

2009 upper deck x baseball retail pack

Base Cards

  • 19 Aramis Ramirez.

2009 upper deck x baseball 19 aramis ramirez

On July 23, 2015, Ramirez was traded back to Pittsburgh Pirates exactly 12 years after they first traded him.

  • 21 Jermaine Dye.

2009 upper deck x baseball 21 jermaine dye 

Dye was known for his powerful throwing arm.

  • 99 Koji Uehara [RC].

2009 upper deck x baseball 99 koji uehara

At the age of 43, Uehara signed a one-year contract with the Yomiuri Giants on March 9, 2018. Amazing.

Insert Cards

  • Diecut 71 Chase Utley (odds 1:1 retail packs).

2009 upper deck x baseball diecut 71 chase utley

In 2009, Sports Illustrated named Utley as the second baseman on its MLB All-Decade Team.

  • X2-AS Alfonso Soriano.

2009 upper deck x baseball x2 as alfonso soriano

Soriano announced his retirement on November 4, 2014, because he "lost the love and passion to play the game."

  • 2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary 1610 Medal of Honor.

2009 upper deck 20th anniversary 1610 medal of honor

President Theodore Roosevelt received the Medal of Honor posthumously in 2001. This third insert was a nice surprise.

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