And sellable Promo.

I purchased another FairField 2 Packs + 2 Foil + 2 Coins Pokemon Trading Card game themed blister for $9.99.

fairfield pokemon tcg 2 packs 2 foil 2 coins breakthrough sun moon

I purchased that blister because it contains one pack of BREAKthrough (my favorite XY set), and one sellable Promo card.

My first blister included one good Promo, one Rare Reverse Holo and one sought after Trainer. This blister will top that one!

Foil Cards

  • 2016 Sun & Moon Promo SM05 Snorlax GX

2016 pokemon tcg sun and moon promo sm05 snorlax gx

That's one of the coolest looking Promos of the Sun & Moon era! It was released with the Snorlax GX Box (links to my sweet break of that product).

  • 2017 Sun & Moon Promo SM09 Togedemaru.

2017 pokemon tcg sun moon promo sm09 togedemaru

That card was released in a Sun & Moon Three Pack Blister. It has a nasty crease on the bottom from its original blister holder.

2017 pokemon tcg sun moon promo sm09 togedemaru creased edge

2015 XY BREAKthrough Pack

  • Common 16 Skiddo.

  • Common 68 Ralts.

  • Common 80 Swinub.

  • Common 90 Zorua.

  • Common 132 Noibat.

  • Uncommon 47 Frogadier.

  • Uncommon 72 Swoobat.

  • Uncommon 126 Staravia.

  • Uncommon Reverse Holo 135 Buddy-Buddy Rescue.

2015 pokemon tcg xy breakthrough uncommon reverse holo 135 buddy buddy rescue

  • Rare 6 Simisage.

2015 pokemon tcg xy breakthrough rare 6 simisage

I don't remember pulling anything good from a BREAKthrough pack that came in a repackaged product...

2017 Sun & Moon Pack

  • 2017 Fire Energy.

  • Common 13 Grubbin.

  • Common 72 Crabrawler.

  • Common 78 Alolan Meowth.

  • Common 83 Sandile.

  • Common 106 Pikipek.

  • Uncommon 10 Dartrix.

  • Uncommon 123 Nest Ball.

  • Uncommon 131 Rotom Dex.

  • Uncommon Reverse Holo 116 Energy Retrieval.

2017 pokemon tcg sun moon uncommon reverse holo 116 energy retrieval

  • Secret Rare 115 Solgaleo GX.

2017 pokemon tcg sun moon secret rare 115 solgaleo gx

After I had seen the white code card I was expecting to pull a Rare Holo. That sweet looking card exceeded my expectations by a light year! This is the best FairField Pokemon TCG product I've ever opened!

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