Featuring a card I've been searching for over two years!

I purchased this 2018 Pokemon Trading Card Game Legendary Trio Mini Collection for $9.99 (plus tax) from Walgreens.

2018 pokemon tcg legendary trio mini collection

That product includes the following items:

  • 3 foil promo cards featuring Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.

  • 2 booster packs.

  • 2 metallic coins.

  • 1 online code card.

I'm a little worried about that "contents may vary" disclaimer above one of the booster packs, because the back of the box states it could potentially include an XY Series booster pack.


  • 2017 Orange Frosted Holofoil Lyconroc

2017 pokemon tcg orange frosted holofoil lyconroc coin

That coin came from the 2017 Rock Steady Theme Deck.

  • 2017 Silver Holofoil Zoroark

2017 pokemon tcg silver holofoil zoroark coin

That coin came from the 2017 Shining Legends Special Collection Zoroark GX product.

Foil Cards

  • 2015 XY Ancient Origins Rare Cosmos Holo 14 Entei.

2015 pokemon tcg xy ancient origins rare cosmos holo 14 entei


  • 2015 XY BREAKthrough Rare Cosmos Holo 55 Raikou.

2015 pokemon tcg xy breakthrough rare cosmos holo 55 raikou


  • 2016 XY BREAKpoint Rare Cosmos Holo 30 Suicune.

2016 pokemon tcg xy breakpoint rare cosmos holo 30 suicune

Really damaged.

2016 XY Steam Siege Pack

  • Common 1 Tangela.

  • Common 30 Oshawott.

  • Common 58 Croagunk.

  • Common 63 Pawniard.

  • Common 92 Rufflet.

  • Uncommon 72 Klang.

  • Uncommon 100 Claw Fossil Anorith.

  • Uncommon 105 Special Charge.

  • Rare Reverse Holo 15 Volcarona.

2016 pokemon tcg xy steam siege rare reverse holo 15 volcarona 

It only took me over two years and hundredths of packs to pull that super cool looking card!

  • Rare Holo 86 Hydreigon.

2016 pokemon tcg xy steam siege rare holo 86 hydreigon

I could never understand why Dark Burn requires Psychic-type Energy instead of Dragon-type Energy?

2017 Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Pack

  • Common 11 Litwick.

  • Common 21 Alolan Vulpix.

  • Common 52 Gothita.

  • Common 72 Pancham.

  • Common 101 Chansey.

  • Uncommon 12 Lampent.

  • Uncommon 89 Clefable.

  • Uncommon 113 Bewear.

  • Rare Reverse Holo 28 Sharpedo.

2017 pokemon tcg sun and moon guardians rising rare reverse holo 28 sharpedo

Perhaps the most common Rare Reverse Holo card in its set...

  • Rare Holo 59 Dhelmise.

2017 pokemon tcg gaurdians rising rare holo 59 dhelmise

Why is it the Rare cards that's not great in battle has top-notch art?

The damaged promo cards are disappointing, but at least I pulled two coins that I don't own, and two solid booster packs.