Is the cheapest on eBay.

I'm currently offering an awesome special on eBay for my 2015 Topps Series Two Baseball insert cards. Bidding starts at just $0.99 (plus shipping) for a chance to own any one insert card listed in this auction; alternatively, you could pay $1.49 to instantly choose your card.

If you're interested in purchasing additional cards, you can purchase as many cards as you'd like for only $0.50 per card. Here's a complete list of the inserts that I currently have in stock:

Eclipsing History:

  • EH-6 Mariano Rivera / Whitey Ford

  • EH-7 Mike Trout / Rod Carew

First Home Run Commemorative Medallion:

  • FHRM-GS Giancarlo Stanton


First Home Run:

  • FHR-7 Johnny Bench

  • FHR-16 David Ortiz

  • FHR-18 Tony Gwynn

  • FHR-22 Rusney Castillo

  • FHR-25 Pedro Alvarez

  • FHR-28 Matt Kemp

  • FHR-31 Cliff Floyd

  • FHR-33 Yadier Molina

First Pitch:

  • FP-21 Stan Lee

  • FP-22 Lars Ulrich

  • FP-25 Gabriel Iglesias

Heart of the Order:

  • HOR-2 Mike Piazza

  • HOR-7 Mike Trout

  • HOR-8 Gary Carter

  • HOR-19 Paul Goldschmidt

Highlight of the Year:

  • H-48 Tom Seaver

  • H-50 Andre Dawson

  • H-57 Edgar Martinez

Hot Streak:

  • HS-2 Jim Palmer

  • HS-10 Clayton Kershaw

  • HS-19 Albert Pujols

  • HS-20 Luis Gonzalez

Stepping Up:

  • SU-10 Randy Johnson

  • SU-19 Joe Panik

'Til It's Over:

  • TIO-8 Nolan Ryan

  • TIO-13 Willie Mays