My win ratio must have been 4:10 on New Year's Day.pokemon omega ruby 01

I kicked off the New Year with one bulls**t Pokemon battle after another:

  • An Intimidated Mega Aerodactyl one-hit KO'd my Tyranitar using a Critical Hit Iron Head. If that Pokemon didn't land a Critical Hit, my Tyranitar would have one-hit KO'd the rest of his team using Stone Edge.

  • A Pokemon Trainer from New South Wales, Australia, rage quit on me because my Volcarona swept his entire team.

  • My Mega Mawile failed to use Play Rough (90 percent Accuracy) two times in a row, which ultimately cost me that battle.

  • My team was bombarded by a Choice Scarf Water Spout Kyogre in every other battle.

Those bulls**t battles must have been karma for that time I bragged that I won 86 percent of my Free Battles...

Image credit: Nintendo