While Primal Groudon goes dormant.kyogre 01

A Kyogre that learned Water Spout and holds a Choice Scarf is one of the most powerful combos in Pokemon history for the following reasons:

  • Water Spout's Power is 150 if the users HP is full.

  • Kyogre's Drizzle Ability increases the power of Water-type moves by 50%.

That combo fizzled out when Primal Groudon was discovered in Pokemon Omega Ruby (first released on November 21, 2014), because that Pokemon's Desolate Land Ability nullifies all Water-type attacks.

A year later, Choice Scarf Water Spout Kyogre is making a comeback in Free Battles, because hardly anyone is using Primal Groudon.

My favorite way to counter Kyogre is to include a Water Absorb (Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move) and/or Dry Skin (Reduces HP if it is hot) Pokemon in my team.

Popular Water Absorb Pokemon includes Quagsire, Politoed and Vaporeon; while popular Dry Skin Pokemon includes Heliolisk and Toxicroak.

Question: What's your strategy to deal with Choice Scarf Water Spout Kyogre?.