Status Orange Die-Cut, maybe?

I purchased this 5-card retail hot pack of 2013 Elite Extra Edition Baseball for $5.93, that's guaranteed to contain a die-cut card.


I'll go berserk if I pull a Clint Frazier or Aaron Slegers Status Orange Die-Cut Signature. Hell I'll settle for any Status Orange Die-Cut card.

Base Cards

  • 39 - Jared King


  • 57 - Bruce Kern


  • 96 - David Garner


  • 99 - Ryan Garvey


Insert Cards

  • Aspirations Die-Cut 42 - Ryan Aper (serial numbered 93/200)


I don't think that I could have pulled a die-cut that's worse than this one...

Will this pack go down in history as my worst hot pack of 2017? Stay tuned to find out!

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