My FairField coverage continues.

I acquired this retail pack of 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's World's Champions Baseball via my FairField Baseball 10 Pack value box. This is the fifth pack that I'm showcasing from that box.


My 2013 pack from that series was decent. Will I be as lucky with this pack?

Base Cards

  • 180 - Ryan Riess


Riess won $8,361,570 at the 2013 World Series of Poker.

  • 252 - Didi Gregorius


Gregorius is one of the shortstops that the New York Yankees acquired to succeed Derek Jeter.

  • 280 - Whitey Ford


Ford retired with 1,956 strikeouts exclusively for the New York Yankees.

Insert Cards

  • Mini 36 - Yadier Molina


Molina is a two time World Series champion (2006, 2011).

  • AGC-02 - King Umberto & The Waiter From Monza (odds 1:8)


"King Umberto was dining in a restaurant in Monza, Italy when he noticed his waiter looked much like he did. He soon discovered they'd been born on the same day in the same town and had married woman named Margherita. On July 29, 1900 they both were shot" the back of this card says.

  • PP-DG - Dwight Gooden (odds 1:2)


Gooden won his 100th game with the New York Mets by age 24.

I pulled my favorite Coincidence card, but the rest of this pack was so-so.

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